How To Finance A Tubal Reversal Procedure

You had a tubal ligation several years ago but now you’d like another child. Well, you can. All that’s required is a procedure called a tubal reversal. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that your insurance probably won’t pay for it. Fortunately, there are a few insurance plans that will. For example, Blue Cross/Blue Shield has covered some reversal procedures. However, this varies depending on where you live and your insurance plan. So, if you want the procedure, be sure to talk with your insurance company first.If you believe your insurance will cover the procedure, some tubal reversal centers will help with the paperwork by filing it for you. Others will not even accept insurance. In this case, you will have to pay before the procedure, do the filing yourself after the surgery and then hope you can collect what you’ve spent.If you’re lucky, you’ll have a plan that covers all or at least some parts of the procedure. But, be prepared to pay for it yourself.What a tubal reversal costsDepending on where you have the procedure done, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. The national average cost for a tubal reversal is around $9,000.If you have your procedure done in a hospital, the conventional way – as abdominal surgery, you will probably have to stay for several days. This is why the cost gets to be $9,000 or more. An alternative to this is to have your tubal reversal done in a clinic that specializes in these procedures where the cost might be as little as $4,995. It could take just an hour and would not require an overnight stay.How to finance your tubal reversalThere are a number of ways to finance a tubal reversal. The most popular is probably to put it on a credit card and then pay for it over a period of time – maybe 18 or 24 months. Of course, you will have to have a large enough credit limit to accommodate that $5,000 or $10,000 charge.A second alternative If you can’t use your credit card for tubal reversal financing, you might be able to get a personal loan. One company, OneMain Financial, advertises that it will work with you to provide a personal loan solution specific to your needs. It further states that it offers fast approval, fixed interest rates and a 14-day guarantee (you can change you mind and cancel anytime within the first 14 days). Other institutions that provide loans for tubal reversals include CapitalOne Health Care Finance, MediCredit, MedProva, Reliance Medical Finance, Care Credit and SurgeryLoans.Other possible solutionsIf you or your partner have a flexible spending account (FLEX plan) you could use money from it to pay for the procedure. A FLEX plan allows you to set aside pretax dollars into an account and use these funds to pay for medical expenses. If you are unsure as to whether you or your partner has such a plan, contact your or your partner’s company’s personnel department for more information. If it does offer a FLEX plan, you should be able to take money from it to finance the procedure, assuming you have set money aside in it. If you currently aren’t enrolled in a FLEX plan, you should be able to sign up for it during open enrollment for benefits and start setting money aside for the following year.Also, some of the clinics that specialize in tubal reversals offer payment plans. If you decide to go to a clinic that specializes in this procedure, be sure to ask if it offers such a plan.Expensive but worth it As you have learned in this article, getting a tubal reversal is not cheap. But there are alternatives in tubal reversal financing that can help you make that dream come true – to have another child.

Advertising For Sales the Right Way Will Grow Your Online Business

When was the last time that you placed a single advertisement and made a million dollars? Have you ever asked yourself why you have to place ads over and over again? This article will explain how advertising works and if you understand the concept that I am about to teach you than you will be on the road to greater rewards.First of all have you ever tried to get through a door without using a key? Did you push on it with your shoulder? How far did you get? Did it work? So after you pushed on it the first time and it didn’t open, how many times after that did you push on it again? My point is that in order to succeed you had to repeat the same task over and over and over again. Just pushing one time to open the door did not work. This task requires multiple pushes.Advertising Doesn’t WorkWell the same can be said about advertising. The truth is that advertising does not work. Let me repeat that, advertising does not work. If it did work you could place a single ad and never do another one and make millions of dollars. Advertising is a broken vehicle. Because of this stated fact that is why you have to be repetitive.Please do not think that this article is going to tell you not to advertise because I am not. That is not the point. What we are saying is that a lot of people fail in business because they do not understand how advertising works. Advertising should not be confused with marketing. It is just a tool that marketers use to get attention for their product or service. Advertising is the process of giving intelligence. It is publishing. Advertising has its focus on our senses one by one or in a combination. Advertising does not feel it makes people feel. Advertising should be designed to touch someone.Advertising is only a tool like a pencil, a map or a computer. When used this way the benefits will out weigh its limitations. Advertising makes expressions, it is not able to make discernments. It cannot tell if someone is interested or not interested its only job is to give intelligence. This is a process.People Like To Be Sold Through AdvertisingWhatever you do at all cost do not try and make the process of advertising human. In other words advertising should draw the human out of people and not try to be one. Many marketers fail at this. Do not think that your advertisement has to answer questions. Instead they should create them in your clients mind causing them to look for you. Advertising gets people in the door to meet you. Once they are there it is your turn to proceed.Now people look at advertising like it is a key. People love advertising. Advertising brings new ideas, intelligence. Advertising does for people what words do for paper. It gives instruction by raising questions like, “if I bought this service could it solve this problem for me”. By a good use of questions advertising tells people where to go to get more without them realizing it. A reason why many advertisements fail is because they tell people what to do without giving the person another option. Advertising qualifies people. You want your advertisements to be open ended not closed ended. You want people to see as many uses for your product or service as the mind can hold. A good advertisement is like having a team of salespeople. In your clients mind “no” is not an option because they will see all the many benefits of saying “yes” one solution at a time. When this is done the emotions take over and your client will likely proceed with the sale. Let your advertisements allow your clients to dream.The World Needs Your AdvertisementWithout advertising the world would be a much smaller place. Advertising connects people with ideas. Use your advertising to your own advantage to get what you want. When done with the right motivation and understanding an ad campaign done over an over again can be compelling.Doing the right thing not well enough in the past seemed to be my only forte. When I started to think about how my ads would make people feel it was like I grew up ten years. Today I pay very close attention to my advertisements. My goal is always to show people that my business is for their benefit.Remember to keep what you want your customers to feel in mind as you float your advertisement campaigns on the internet. Advertising is the giving of intelligence. The best way to advertise is to think about how what you say will make your client react. Since advertising is a broken vehicle keep doing it from different angles. Cover all of your bases. This way your sales will grow faster and become predictable.

We Predict You’ll Love Asset Financing Credit Facilities When Seeking Business Finance Loans

Making a prediction is a sometimes risky scenario, potentially damaging to your credibility, but we’re quite confident in saying that Canadian business owners will recognize non bank asset financing as credit facilities for business finance loans to be the best thing they every heard of when it comes to financing their business.Quite frankly we don’t think we exactly going out and making a stretch comment because, hundreds if not thousands of Canadian firms are investigating and utilizing this type of financing.As the Canadian business economy turns itself around going into 2011 most of are clients are finally focused on growth again.But how is that growth to be financing, since lending standards and criteria at institutions such as the banks don’t appear to have been liberalized at the same pace that your company hopes to grow at!That’s where our trend prediction comes in. Asset based lending focuses on your assets and growth opportunities – it doesn’t focus on rations, tangible equity in your company, rations, covenants, cash flow coverage, etc, etc, etc!So you are picking up on the opportunity, let’s see how things work. Asset based lenders keep it simple, they lend a very high value against your ongoing assets. What are the typical assets lent against – you can almost guess what they are. They are receivables, inventory, unencumbered equipment and real estate.The big mystery around asset based lending in Canada, based on conversations with our clients, is that business owners don’t really know or understand who these firms are. So we’ll tell you.They are specialized firms, both Canadian and U.S. based, that focus solely on providing credit facilities and business finance loans with your assets as security. They take the same security as a Canadian chartered bank would, and you manage your facility on a day to day basis, drawing down cash as you need it. Funds are wired into your account as you need them, based on… guess what… assets! That really is the one key difference that our clients pick up on, that the total focus of this type of assets financing is the collateral itself.We already know your next question… because we’ve heard it a hundred times before. Its’ how much can we get ‘… followed by what does it cost.
Speaking in general terms your receivables are financed at 90% of their value, and because of the nature and marketability of different types of inventory this type of collateral is margined anywhere from 25-75%. Recall we had noted that unencumbered equipment can be drawn against also. Typically an appraised current market or liquidation value is agreed upon with you and the asset financing provider.Costs vary around this type of financing. On occasion it is competitive with bank financing – and giving you twice the liquidity – but more often than not it’s more expensive. You offset those costs by greater access to credit facilities that will grow your business and profits.Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can walk you through the Canadian landscape of business finance loans in the asset based lending area. You’ll quickly find, we think, that our prediction is becoming more true every day, asset based financing is hot! And here to stay.